Crypto copy trading

crypto copy trading

There are thousands of different projects with their own coins and tokens at hundreds of exchanges.

Žinoma, pelnas priklauso ir nuo sumos, kurią investuosite.

One cannot find every token at a single exchange. This complicates the investment and trading process, makes traders deal with multiple exchanges and accounts, and shies away potential newcomers from the market thus delaying mass adoption of crypto.

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There are not crypto copy trading experienced users in the field and they do not have decent tools to share their knowledge with less experienced people. Telegram, Twitter and other social media platforms are good discussion forums. However, if the trade suggestions cannot be converted into actual trades quickly, they lose their importance and many opportunities are lost.

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Since the market geriausia btc piniginė already segmented into hundreds of exchanges, liquidity is limited. Some cryptocurrencies get very limited demand, their daily trading volumes are low, and prices fluctuate wildly within a day, which makes their token and the market, in general, look very immature.

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We are building a Bundle Network to solve these issues. Bundle Network will create an intermediary platform between users and exchanges.

It will connect to various exchanges via their API, and aggregate the best prices for the user.

Users will also be able to benefit from arbitrage opportunities. Users can buy individual or bundled cryptocurrencies and manage their funds through one platform.

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They will have the option to network with other members and copy trade them. The experienced users Bundle Managers can create their own rooms and get paid in the form of subscriptions or carried interest, share their trades, and followers can immediately take action if they see fit.

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